Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
Baie des tortues, New Caledonia, France
Baie des tortues, New Caledonia, France


Physiological Plant Ecology

Plant water relation

  • Water potential – water transport – Sol-plant-atmosphere continuum – tension cohesion theory – Hydraulic constraints in trees – Transpiration – Stomatal behaviour – Cavitation – Water use efficiency – Carbon discrimination in plant

Photosynthesis and productivity

  • Leaf photosynthesis – Farquhar Model – Gas exchange – Measurement of net assimilation rate – light response curve – CO2 rseponse curve

Plants under stress and strategies

  • Effects of drought – Effects of extreme temperatures – Drought resistance in plants – Plant strategies – Functional traits

Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology

  • Energy balance – Carbon cycle in terrestrial ecosystems – Water balance in terrestrial ecosystems – Nutrient cycles in terrestrial ecosystems

Global changes

  • Impacts on stomatal conductance, photosynthesis and transpiration – Impacts on leaf phenology – Global carbon cycle


  • General ecology – Ecosystem ecology – climate change – biological invasion – biogeography – tree distribution


  • Impacts of climate change on tree distribution range
  • Water relations in trees.